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We pay our affiliates an extremely generous 50% of the first month's subscriptions fees paid by clients they have referred to EliteMate.com and 50% for each additional month's subscription fees paid by clients they have referred to EliteMate.com. It can add up very quickly to a huge monthly residual income! You can also chose to get a 1 time payment of $3 for each registrant with valid email address and contact information (this campaign can not be combined with the 50/50 Split campaign...its either one or the other).  The necessary contact information is found on the first page of this registration form.

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All free leads must be subscribed in the USA, Canada and the UK with a valid email address  and all statistics on ElitePartnerships reflect that.

EliteMate.com is an easy sell, delivering features unlike any other matchmaking service and at a highly appealing, competitive rate. Wherever someone lives, and whether they are seeking someone to hang out with or someone to share their life with, EliteMate.com has hundreds of thousands of interesting, hip, attractive, single men and women to choose from. The easy-to-search, exciting format includes features people love, such as photo and video profiles, instant messaging, private email, astrological compatibility, personality matcher chat rooms, greeting cards, and so much more. These services will keep EliteMate.com's clients on board month after month.

EliteMate.com succeeds at adding immense variety to clients' social lives while greatly increasing their chances of a quality match.  While some sites may some of the features EliteMate.com offers, no other dating service has all the features EliteMate.com offers. 

ElitePartnerships.com compensates very generously for a lifetime of monthly residual income

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When an affiliate refers a client, EliteMate.com charges the client a $9.99 subscription fee per month and pays the affiliate $5 per client for the first month's fees.  They also pay $5 per client for each additional month the clients pay for EliteMate.com's services. That's a 50% payout for the first month and 50% each additional month along with potentially infinite residual income.

Your success as an affiliate is our success, and we are committed to providing a valuable partnership. With a great price and the most unique features EliteMate.com is in a class all by itself and is a service you can be proud to promote. Sign up as an affiliate today and provide your clients with a high quality relationship-building service that will enable you earn significant financial returns.

Easy, reliable client tracking system ensures you always get every penny you've earned... for life!

Earn money quickly, easily, and confidently with EliteMate.com's unique referral code tracking system. Every affiliate-referred client comes onboard EliteMate.com with the affiliate's 5-digit referral code. This referral code allows each ElitePartnerships.com affiliate to privately track their income online, in real time, by accurately tracking the EliteMate.com financial stats of each client they have referred.

What makes so unique?

In addition to the high payouts, online tracking system, attractive rates, and excellent features, EliteMate.com offers a superb Refer-A-Friend program for its existing clientele,  this program actually delivers even more income to the affiliates. Here's how it works: when a current EliteMate.com client refers a new paying client, the current client receives a free month subscription to EliteMate.com services.

If the original, existing client was referred to the site by an affiliate, EliteMate.com automatically awards all the client-referred paying clients to the affiliate that brought the original client on board. This means that the affiliate gets a 50% payout each month on all his or her client-referred clients! Why are we so generous? Again, your success is our success, and there is plenty of income to go around for all of us.

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